Aircraft Base & Line Maintenance

Our maintenance experts have extensive technical experience and in-depth knowledge of the international aviation industry. All operational inquiries and AOG requests are constantly coordinated by highly experienced team, which includes technicians, tooling and logistic support for both planned and unplanned repairs wherever the aircraft is located. In addition to Maintenance Organization Approvals of EASA and FAA we hold approvals from different national Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) approvals.
Certifications currently available:
  • EASA Part-145 No. CH.145.0236
  • FAA approved Aircraft Maintenance Organisation FAA Repair Station No. 1KGY741C
  • TCCA approved Aircraft Maintenance Organisation TCCA Repair Station No. 811-01
  • Swiss national FOCA AMO for Annex II / non-EASA Aircraft Types (historic, military, etc.)
  • Canada, Bermuda, Indian, Nigerian, Cayman islands, Isle of man, San Marino Certifications
Further approvals may be added on customers’ requests. We offer any kind of line Base & Line maintenance technical assistance tailored to the requirements of our customers. All services are managed from a single point and tailored to the customer demands. Thanks to service guarantees and transparent performance measurements, customer retains control and ability to monitor Maintenance status at all times.